Key Neutron Science Directorate Contacts

Executive Office

Associate Laboratory Director Paul Langan
Deputy Associate Laboratory Direction Rob McQueeney
Executive Assistant Jeanine Evans
Business Office Lorie Hickey
Human Resources Bonnie Hébert
Directorate Operations Sharon Kohler
Chief Scientist Alan Tennant
Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences Takeshi Egami

Biology and Soft Matter Division

Director Paul Langan
Administrative Assistant Ava Ianni
Biology and Biomedical Sciences Dean Myles
Energy and the Environment Volker Urban
Structure and Dynamics of Soft Matter Greg Smith

Chemical and Engineering Materials Division

Director Thomas Proffen, Acting
Administrative Assistant Toni Sawyer
Diffraction Ashfia Huq
Engineering Materials Andrew Payzant
Spectroscopy Anibal (Timmy) Ramirez-Cuesta

Instrument and Source Division

Interim Director Don Abercrombie
Administrative Assistant Wendy Brooks
SNS Instrument Operations Bobby Lee Cross
HFIR Instrument Operations Eric Griffis
HFIR Instrument Engineering Doug Selby
SNS Instrument Engineering David Vandergriff
Sample Environment Gary Lynn
Instrumentation Projects and Development Ken Herwig
Project Management/Operations and Analysis Barbara Thibadeau
Source Development and Engineering Analysis John Galambos
Compliance, Fabrication and Quality Assurance Don Abercrombie

Neutron Data Analysis and Visualization Division

Director Thomas Proffen
Administrative Assistant Toni Sawyer
Technology Advancement Galen Shipman
Scientific Data Analysis Garrett Granroth
Instrument Data Acquisition and Controls Steve Hartman
Control Systems Karen White
Center for Accelerating Materials Modeling Thomas Proffen

Quantum Condensed Matter Division

Director Stephen Nagler
Administrative Assistant Sharon Porter
Fundamental Neutron Physics Geoffrey Greene
Structure of Matter Bryan Chakoumakos
Triple-Axis Spectroscopy Jaime Fernandez-Baca
Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy Mark Lumsden

Research Accelerator Division

Director Kevin Jones
Administrative Assistant Lisa Eady
Accelerator and Target Operations George Dodson
Data Operations Karen White
Facility Operations Sam McKenzie

Research Reactors Division

Director Tim Powers
Administrative Assistant Sheri Coffey
HFIR Plant Manager Ronald Reagan
HFIR Maintenance Brian Weston
HFIR Operations David Blanchard
ESH&R Eric Griffis
Nuclear Safety and Experiment Analysis Kevin Smith
Systems Engineering Young Soo Kwon
Business Management Services John Keith